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"Divorce is hard, but my husband and I knew that we didn't want to make it contentious, or expensive.  In our mutual respect for each other, we chose to go through a Collaborative Divorce.  The whole team we used were caring professionals.

Margaret Zuleger was the best choice I could have made to represent me at a very difficult time.  She was thorough in explaining the difference in a Collaborative Divorce, she protected my interest and also showed me true concern in my emotional state through the whole divorce, and beyond.

I believe a Collaborative Divorce was the best solution for us, and finding a knowledgeable attorney in the whole process, I wouldn't hesitate in giving my sincerest referral to anyone looking to use Margaret to be their voice in a most difficult time.

H.D., Palatine 

Margaret is a caring and professional divorce lawyer.  She finalized my divorce application really quick.  I'm really thankful that I have worked with her, and really recommend her work."

E.G., Wheeling

I am very happy with the services Margaret provided.  She was extremely professional and took the time to thoroughly explain what steps were needed.  She sent progress reports on a regular basis, so I always felt that I had the latest updates on my case.

I needed to obtain a document that would allow me to file for benefits from my ex-husband's pension plan.  This document should have been provided to me 25 years ago, as stipulated in my divorce decree.  Obviously, working with a case this old, required much diligence and follow through on Margaret's part to obtain the document that I needed.

I would definitely recommend her practice to anyone in need of family law services.

C.P., Vernon Hills

Margaret presented an empathetic and caring response to my very emotional situation.  She had a calming effect on me and a take charge attitude.

I found her professional and she always sought my desires in what I wanted to be done.  

I highly recommend Margaret Zuleger for such a difficult time in the life of her client!

J.A., Park Ridge

I spoke with several lawyers before retaining Margaret Zuleger to help me with my divorce filings.  I was actually discouraged because the other lawyers seemed as though they were cold, crass and all business.  My first conversation with Margaret Zuleger was heartfelt, warm and understanding.  She was also very accommodating. 

When my husband and I decided to cancel the proceedings, she was prompt and efficient in returning the remainder of my retainer and she made it clear that she was happy that things were working out for us, which was unexpected.  I highly recommend Margaret Zuleger.

E.T., Wilmington, NC

"I have a special needs adult child whose father stopped paying support. Margaret Zuleger immediately accepted my case and took the time to educate and answer my questions. She is professional, yet compassionate and warm. Thanks to her my son will be financially taken care of after I am gone. I highly recommend Margaret Zuleger."

Rochelle P., Rolling Meadows

"I wanted to thank you for your honest advice during my divorce. I appreciate all the guidance you gave me during one of the most difficult times of my life. You are a fair honest attorney and I feel blessed to have had you represent me."

Ron R., Mt. Prospect

"I have nothing but good things to say about Margaret and the way she represented me in my divorce. She was knowledgeable and professional thru out the entire process. Early on, after our first meeting I felt at ease because of the confidence she showed. She was quick to respond with answers to my many questions along the way. Communication was great! She also showed compassion for what I was going thru and was very thoughtful regarding the costs that come along with a divorce. I always felt I was in good hands and would recommend Margaret and her firm to anyone."

Erik S. Arlington Heights

"I was represented better than I ever could have imagined. My needs were put first and I was treated as a human rather than a number or a client. Margaret fought for me and went above and beyond to ensure a great outcome. Her confidence and experience put me at ease throughout a very difficult process. I am pleased to recommend Margaret very, very highly to anyone who faces the complicated and painful issues of divorce."

Kruti D., Streamwood

"Margaret was kind and professional from the moment I met her. She walked me through every step of the collaborative divorce process and answered all of my questions. She was efficient, prompt, easy to work with, and I always felt very secure with her on my side. I would recommend her to anyone in need of an attorney."

Caitlin L., Libertyville

"My marriage had been over for quite some time. I procrastinated getting a divorce because the process was intimidating to me. I feel so fortunate to have had Margaret Zuleger guide me through the process. She was always quick to respond to emails or phone calls. Paperwork was always handled efficiently. Most importantly, the level of professionalism Margaret shows in the courtroom is outstanding. I highly recommend Margaret Zuleger."

Sheri T., Rolling Meadows

"I was introduced to Margaret and to the process of Collaborative divorce by a counselor, while beginning to work through the process of making decisions about my future. My first meeting with Margaret was very informative and I found her to be genuinely interested in helping divorcing couples find the best possible outcomes for their families. I was able to get answers to the many questions and “what if’s” that are a part of making these difficult decisions. A year later I was ready to take the next step and she was there to partner with me and guide me through each step of the collaborative process. She recommended other collaborative attorneys for my husband to interview and we found that they all had a mutual respect for one another as well as the desire to assure a positive outcome for everyone involved, especially the children.
With Margaret’s guidance, I found that collaborative divorce is definitely the kinder, gentler approach, and that dissolving a marriage does not have to dissolve the family. We were able to divorce on our own terms, with grace and compassion rather than anger and animosity, and by working together in this way my husband and I were able to ensure an ongoing, positive, loving environment for our teenage children. And since collaborative divorce is more family focused and less driven by self preservation, we found it to be much less costly and less time consuming than traditional litigation would have been. With Margaret’s help, we were able to make all of the decisions necessary but on our terms and in our own time frame, and our divorce was finalized within just 3 months.
Margaret helped make this difficult time and life changing event a more positive and less stressful experience for our family. I highly recommend her professionalism and her genuine belief in the collaborative process, and I am happy to share my experience with others so that they can know that there are other, better options available when it comes to divorce. It CAN be done without the damage that is often seen in traditional divorce cases, and Margaret is a wonderful asset to this belief and this profession."

Sue G., Schaumburg

"Margaret was my attorney during my divorce, and I am very happy with the services she provided. My ex and I have a son, and I was very concerned about how the divorce would affect him. I wanted an attorney who could help us work out the details of our settlement agreement in an amicable way.
Margaret was amazing. She was able to look out for my interests without causing strife with my ex. She explained everything clearly to both of us.
Margaret was truly an advocate for my best interests and, more importantly, for the best interests of my child."

Miegan W., Streamwood

"Margaret worked with me closely, to provide the type of divorce I wanted.  She laid out the steps and cost, up front, and met my expectations at every point in the process.  In addition to being professional and efficient, she was personally very supportive.  I would recommend Margaret to anyone who must go through this process."

Sue F., Mt. Prospect

"Considering the difficult circumstances, I had a great experience having Margaret Zuleger represent me in my recent divorce. She was recommended from a service of my school district as being very professional, qualified and affordable. Having had no experience with divorce, I was not familiar with any of the steps, paperwork or legal terms. Margaret handled everything and explained things so I could understand them. The communication was great. Being able to text, email and have phone conversations made this possible. Margaret is a very strong and compassionate woman.  She made me feel strong and respected I as I went through the difficult process."

Joanna B., Arlington Heights

"Ms. Zuleger is the utmost professional.  She was very to the point but also, sympathetic and understanding during the process of my divorce.  She was very diligent with follow through related to my case.  Excellent communication!  She was also very respectful of my finances.  A very trustworthy lawyer.  I highly recommend retaining Ms. Zuleger."

Camille S., Wauconda

"When I faced the unwelcome and intimidating prospect of divorce, I had one goal:  to secure my children’s well-being.  Margaret understood my personal priorities and executed a smart strategy to achieve my goal.  She was consistently responsive and professional in her communications with me, opposing counsel, and my often-uncooperative spouse.  She demonstrated an expert grasp of the law and a commitment to using cost-effective strategies when possible.  I am grateful I had the benefit of her counsel during a trying time.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a smart, skilled, ethical attorney who puts her clients’ interests first."

Jerry H., Arlington Heigths

"Divorce is under no circumstances easy. However, I am extremely satisfied with having worked with Margaret Zuleger through the successful process of a collaborative divorce. Thanks to her professional and thorough communication we were able to sidestep many of the pitfalls that can cause the collaborative process to break down.  In the end, we arrived at a mutually satisfying settlement that benefited both of the divorcing partners as well as the children while preserving more of the family assets than a litigated process would have allowed. I give Margaret Zuleger 5 stars and a ton of credit for helping us achieve this difficult but valuable accomplishment.

David K., Algonquin

"I feel fortunate to have found Margaret during a very difficult time in my life. I was married for many years, with four children, and neither my ex husband or I had any interest in a contentious divorce. As a woman who had been through a similar experience, Margaret was compassionate and respectful of our situation, while also giving me sage advice about how to manage important elements of the marital settlement agreement to protect my interests. Margaret was responsive, reliable and knowledgable and I would recommend her highly to women and couples who are seeking collaborative divorces."

Sylvia S., Arlington Heights

"I just wanted to say how happy I have been with your services. Prompt, professional and courteous are words I would use to describe your practice. I truly appreciate all the work you have done and am very satisfied with the outcome. I will definitely pass a glowing recommendation to anyone that asks. Thank you again."

Ted F., Des Plaines

"Your amazing presence, patience, encouragement and support during my recent divorce have been invaluable.  Though I agreed to the Collaborative Divorce process in the very beginning, you know I struggled on more than one occasion with the ability to follow through appropriately.  Thank you for being patient and showing me the now long term benefits for my family.   There can be no greater compliment to you and your work than when your client’s ex-spouse refers his friend to you for their divorce process.   Though I do not recommend divorce for anyone, your ability to walk me through to the other side with hope is the gift you gave me.  I will be forever grateful to you."

Lynn P., Schaumburg

"I’ve been a marriage and family therapist for over 25 years, and unfortunately, despite our best efforts, I occasionally am asked to offer people the name of a competent divorce attorney.  This is a much more difficult task than you can imagine, having heard more than my share of horror stories regarding unnecessarily lengthy court proceedings, unmanaged couple conflicts, and attorneys who seem to have only their best interests at heart. So I feel fortunate indeed to have discovered Margaret Zuleger’s practice in Arlington Heights.  Over the past several years, I can now confidently refer clients who I know will be listened to, treated fairly and respectfully, and will be assisted through the unpleasant process of divorce in a sensitive and efficient way.  In the often confusing and overwhelming world of seeking a good divorce attorney, Margaret Zuleger has proven to be a great resource for me and my clients."

Larry Frank,  Cary, IL

"I believe Margaret Zuleger is one of the top attorneys practicing family law in the Arlington Heights area. I was referred to Margaret after mediation in my divorce had broken down. It was clear from the start that Margaret is a highly respected member of the Rolling Meadows court and maintained excellent working relationships with all parties throughout my case. I saw that this solid reputation has been earned through high quality legal documentation, follow through on details and clarity of judgment. I was also impressed by Margaret’s ability to turn my rambling email text into elegant correspondence with appropriate meaning and tone. While my case was a contested divorce, Margaret’s collaborative style achieved the best solution possible to difficult problems. Margaret’s experience, knowledge and stability were true blessings for me in calming the emotional turbulence of the divorce process. I was fortunate to have Margaret as counsel in my case and would highly recommend Margaret’s services for family law issues."

Mark M., Barrington

"Margaret worked with me during my divorce.  Her experience and intelligence were complimented by her compassion and kindness.  Margaret understood that the process was much more than legal and helped me to separate the emotional from my decisions and truly understand the implications of my choices.  She was able to listen to my needs and goals for myself and my children and stay true to those through out the process.  She kept me strong when I needed to be and she helped me to let go when it did not serve the end goal. Margaret was truly a partner in the process."

Kate M., Lake Zurich

"It’s been a year since my divorce, after 39 years married.  I was blindsided, trying to keep myself going day to day. I attended a seminar on divorce and learned that some attorneys are trained in the collaborative method of divorce counseling. That was for me. I came out of this with my finances and dignity intact and ready to start a new life.  I was very confident in Margaret, that she would advise me wisely and make sure all the i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed."

Yvonne J., Arlington Heights

"I would highly recommend the services of Attorney Margaret Zuleger.  Words just won’t do justice to the level of honest, straight shooting professionalism I received from Margaret.  When Margaret was working on my case she did so with such care and respect and always kept the lines of communication flowing smoothly.  Whether it be returning my phone call, email or providing me with the court documents with quick turn- around times.  I never heard Margaret say that she was too busy and that she would not be able to get back to me.  She always made me feel like I was her only client.  (But I knew I wasn’t)  I would definitely refer Margaret if any of my friends or family required her type of services."

Mary Jane B., Rolling Meadows

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