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Avoid These 5 Mistakes During Your Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult time. Avoiding these common mistakes can help make the difficult process easier on everyone in the family.

Mistake #1 – Getting into a blame cycle – blaming your partner or yourself.

Mistake #2 - Having unrealistic expectations about timing and results of your divorce.

Mistake #3 – Engaging in mind games and reinforcing loops of anger, fear and regret.

Mistake #4 – Assuming there is such a thing as “my money” and “his/her debts.”

Mistake #5 – Wanting to fight and win every single battle.

You may also want to consider Collaborative Divorce, a process by which parties use needs-based negotiations to settle their divorce. Collaborative Law is an alternative, non-adversarial way to dissolve a marriage that seeks to minimize the cost, stress and frustrating delays associated with traditional litigated divorce.

Read more about Collaborative Divorce.

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